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Hi David,
Met you today at strumpshaw,ended the day with pseudoscorpions,current clearwing and swallowtail eggs.
Enjoyed your photos you have a good eye and set up.

Your Photos

Hi David - some lovely images here, except the one of the dodgy character on 'About Me'!

East lane Bawdsey

Hi ,
I did remember your surname.
Great website and photographs.
Check out mine here
And here

Cheers Gary
Gary Chalker

Your photos

Hi David just been looking at your images on here and must say they are of extremely high quality. I was the guy that met you at Bawdsey Monday this week while you were trying out your new camera. Anyway, it was nice to meet and thanks for giving me the opportunity to look at your stunning images. Regards Paul.
Paul Templetom


Very pleased that you share your images on the puzzle site, taken Photography as a retirement hobby. got a very shaky hand, but I plug on, your images inspire me to do better? don't give up pal :~)


Hi David met you on the park today,your photos are brilliant .Remembered we met at Shingle Street last week, I was with my wife.
John Meekings

your photos, of course :)

Hi David! This is Patti (PLG1958) from Jigidi. Every now and then I go to your website to see some of your other photos, and I just did that. Wow. I kept "ooohing" and "ahhhhing" all the way through. Your photos make me want to either give up, or learn to do much better! But in the meantime I have to ask you: Do you sell prints of these photos? And do you have a price list? Thank you!

Beautiful photographs

David, I am very impressed with your photography. I will be following your career! Jane x
Jane Kemp

Your pictures

Moira Ellice

Great new layout on your Web Site

Hi David,
Been meaning to comment on the new layout on your web site. Big improvement. Some amazing images. Thanks for putting the `link` on to my blog.
Roger Hance
Roger Hance


Hi David

I am very jealous of your Bittern photographs, Matt & I have not been able to get to the Island Mere Hide as its too far for me plus it's been very full whenever we have been there.
Phil Smith


Hi David! Just found your website and love the the pictures. I have a couple of pictures you may like to see too, if you email me then I can reply to your email to share them. Long time no speak or see!

Amazing photos

You take fantastic photos, David. Thank you for sharing them with me.

Hello David. 6/4/2013 . 19.45pm

Hello david ,
After meeting you today at pensthorpe shooting pictures over the lake , id like to thank you for your invitation to your web site ,it has given myself and partner pleasure in viewing your photos ,, regards
janet tout

lost email address

Hi David,
I was going to send you some pictures taken at the Ipswich hide. Cannot find the piece of paper on which I wrote down you email address. can you send it to me.
Regards Roger p.s.Nice web site
Roger Hance

your www site

You always do great photos David...keep up the good work...and win more contests at the same time.
All the very best
Mr. Sainsbury

Lovely photographs

Love your photographs David- all of them! Nice to see some local talent, keep taking more!
Anne Smith


I enjoyed looking at your photos. Thank you x
Pam Dobson

11th February

Hi David, it was great to meet you today!
Love your site also.
Richard Bedford


awesome photgraphs David ! very cool !!!

Hi David,
Just viewed your pages very good
Linda & Roger